Dries linen, Knitwear or fabric in a hygienic atmosphere. Effortless and quite operation. Ideal for garment and fabric processors, hotels, hostels, hospitals, laundry houses & dry - cleaners etc.

  • Front Loading Type.
  • Stainless steel rotating basket.
  • Either electric, steam or gas heated type.
Capacities available : 7.5, 15, 25 Kgs.

Tumble Dryer (Drying Tumbler)
Dries Knitwear or linen is a hygienic atmosphere. Heavy duty construction, front loading type, rotating basket made out of extruded perforated stainless steel which reduces chances of damages to the delicate fabrics without harming its shape and shade. Effortless and quite operation makes THE DRIER ideal to install in hotels, Hospitals, Factories, Houses or anywhere, where the noise reduction is important. The Tumblers are also widely used to give the raising effect to the fibers. The machine is finished with auto stoving paint which protects the exterior and interior of machine from rust. Standard equipment includes an adjustable functional timer ranging from 0 to 60, 30 or 15 minutes. Door safety switch, dust/lint collector, Temperature controller and auto reversing device. The loading door is fitted with heat and shock resistant toughened glass to inspect the job in process. Machine is Electrically or Steam heated type either.

# Owing to the dynamic nature of product design. The information and specification contained in this website may vary.
# Customer specific sizes also available on request.